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How To Modify Child Support & Custody Orders In Tennessee

Child SupportWhat Happens To A Child Support Order If Someone’s Income Level Changes, If They Lose A Job, Or If They Get A New Job?

In Tennessee, a child support agreement won’t be modified unless there’s a 15% change in income – up or down. A significant change, so a substantial modification of your income, either 15% more or 15% less, will trigger grounds for a modification.

What About Changes To Custody? Does The Court Want To See A Longer Agreement Before Even Considering A Modification To Custody?

To modify custody in Tennessee, there has to be a material change of circumstances. It can’t just be, “Now, the child’s 12, and he says he wants to live with me” that’s not a material change of circumstances.

Some of the changes in material circumstances may include that one of the parents became homeless, lost a job, or fell into a drug habit. Those would be a material change in circumstances.

What Should I Look For When Researching The Best Family Custody Attorneys Near Me?

The top attributes a good family lawyer will have are:

  • Extensive experience,
  • Strong reviews from past clients,
  • Personability,
  • Understanding,
  • Attentiveness.

These are the qualities that you will find if you choose to work with an attorney at Callahan & Binkley, PLC.

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