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The various types and consequences of negligent driving behaviors

As you head out on Tennessee roads to tackle your plans for the day, you may give little to no thought to the potential hazards you might encounter. Unfortunately, disaster could strike at any moment and under a variety of circumstances, and dealing with the fallout of a collision can be scary and intimidating.

While on the open road, you may find you have little control over the actions of others and that the decisions they make could impact your safety. However, you might be able to better prepare to protect your well-being by taking the time to gain insight into the types of behavior that could place you at risk.

Traffic accidents decline, but not those involving trucks

If you drive often through Tennessee, you may have taken comfort in a recent report stating that fatal motor vehicle accidents have declined over the past few years. The reasons for this decline may include tougher penalties for impaired driving, better driver education on the dangers of distracted driving and higher quality safety features in new vehicles.

Unfortunately, the good news stops there. While the rates of car accidents may be declining, those fatal accidents involving large trucks, semi-trailers and 18-wheelers continue to rise. In fact, the most recent data shows nearly 400 more fatalities in 2017 than in the previous years. What is the reason for this increase, and what can the trucking industry do to ensure the safety of you and your family on the road?

Medical misdiagnosis may be more common than you realize

When a medical professional misdiagnoses a patient’s condition, it can start a chain reaction that usually does not end well for the patient. After a misdiagnosis, the patient may not receive appropriate treatment as soon as he or she should. Alternatively, the patient might receive unnecessary treatment or no treatment at all. Unfortunately, this type of mistake can severely injure the patient or lead to his or her death.

When a medical professional’s negligence causes injury or death, the victim or the victim’s loved ones often seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim. Two recent studies took a closer look at these claims filed over the past several years, and revealed that misdiagnosis is one of the most common causes for medical malpractice claims.

Could my child’s cerebral palsy be caused by medical malpractice?

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that is caused when damage occurs to a developing brain. A child with cerebral palsy can show symptoms in infancy, but sometimes a child may not begin to show symptoms until he or she is 3 or 4 years old.

In many instances, the cause for cerebral palsy is unknown. Cerebral palsy can develop when not enough oxygen reaches a fetus’s or baby’s brain, when a maternal infection impacts a developing fetus or when an infection causes inflammation around an infant’s brain, among other known causes.

Do you trust your medical provider?

Family, friends and loved ones of a Tennessee woman are grieving from what they feel is her untimely death due to medical malpractice. In the lawsuit, the gastroenterologist who had overseen the woman’s care for several years is accused of not supplying “the minimum standard of acceptable practice,” leading to her untimely death.

The family is seeking $4 million in compensatory damages in what they view as, medical malpractice resulting in wrongful death.

Surgical errors: Types and what to do if it occurs

When a surgeon makes a preventable mistake during surgery, it is known as a surgical error. Medical professionals see surgical errors as never events, as they are events that should never happen during surgery.

A National Center for Biotechnology Information study shows that medical errors account for over 250,000 United States fatalities each year. Of these medical errors, surgical errors make up a large percentage. What types of surgical errors can occur and what do you do if it happens?

Complications of prehospital intubation

When someone suffers a traumatic injury, emergency medical technicians are usually the first people to arrive on the scene. It is important that these technicians proceed with care and precision, especially in high-risk cases. Embodying a light of hope while working under pressure can be hard in the hectic environment that follows an accident.

Endotracheal intubation is a skill that often stands as a means of measuring expertise and ability. During this procedure, a tube in placed into the trachea from the mouth or nose. The mouth is the entry that typically takes place in most emergency situations.

Everyone has a “bad doctor” story. What’s yours?

The medical world can be highly frustrating for patients to navigate. Between scheduling appointments and trying to explain symptoms to the doctor, many patients feel like good treatment is out of their grasp.

Doctors are the gatekeepers to information about a patient’s own body, which means that they also have a degree of control over their health. It’s important to find a doctor who you can trust to help you be the healthiest version of yourself. Although this task is easier said than done, there are a few ways to sort out the best providers from the bad apples.

What to do if you suspect medical malpractice

When you visit a physician or health professional, you expect top-notch care. You’re ill, you have symptoms that have affected your health, and you want answers; the right answers that will lead you on the road to recovery. A knowledgeable doctor and staff will help, but sometimes that doesn’t always occur.

There was the case in California where a female patient had the wrong ovary removed. In another, a Pennsylvania surgeon removed the wrong testicle of a patient. And in Minnesota, a man with a torn heart valve was informed he had acid reflux and told to buy an over-the-counter antacid.

The frightening impact of medical malpractice

We rightfully hold medical providers to a high standard. This is because when doctors, nurses, pharmacy workers, aides and other medical professionals err, the impact is devastating. Serious injuries or even death are real possibilities unless our healthcare providers act with the utmost care.

Medical errors can have both immediate and long-lasting effects. Birth injuries like shoulder dystocia, Erb's palsy, cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injuries can leave a child with permanent physical and mental developmental delays. These cause life-long disability, the need for ongoing medical treatment and general hardship, both for the child and his or her family.

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