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Did An Error In Your Medical Records Lead To Your Injury?

  • By: Patrick “Shea” Callahan, Esq.
  • Published: May 3, 2021

Computers are supposed to make life easier for humans and are supposed to wipe out the need for humankind in the workplace. What is happening is more people are needed to manage computers than were required to manage people. Tennessee lawyers are fighting for injured clients who have experienced malpractice injuries based on erroneous electronic health records.

How Do Errors In EHR Lead To So Many Malpractice Lawsuits?

A patient received injections for pain, another patient saw the doctor for a sinus condition, and another patient was seen for obesity-related illnesses. In each case, an electronic and or physician error was made. The patients were severely injured, resulting in paid medical malpractice claims. The solutions offered to resolve these critical errors fall incredibly short.

Increased opportunities remain for errors because computer systems fail at an alarming rate while doctors rely on their accuracy when treating patients. The EHR failures lead to increased malpractice lawsuits because of severe injuries and complications, including death.

What You Should Do If You Are A Victim Of A Medical Error.

First, you should know what erroneous EHR mistakes have been made:

  • Predictive text in the drop-down menu resulted in the patient taking the wrong medication.
  • Copy and paste resulted in the same erroneous entry repeatedly entered into the patient’s medical records.
  • Fragmented records resulted in delayed proper patient care, which resulted in serious patient injury.

Doctors and hospitals rely on EHR to help them treat patients faster and more efficiently. If you received medical treatment or prescriptions that have caused an adverse effect to you or a loved one, a meeting with an experienced medical malpractice attorney is a worthwhile consideration.

Help Is Available If You Have Suffered An Injury Due To EHR Errors

Doctors blame the EHR company and vice versa for erroneous patient medical record entries. EHR medical malpractice cases are hard to prove without the skill of a highly qualified attorney. When you have a lawyer that has a medical background, has participated in thousands of surgeries, has tried, and won many malpractice lawsuits, then you can be confident that you are not alone; your case can be heard, fought, and won.

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