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Tennessee Jail’s Medical Care Lawsuit Ends In $3.8 Million Settlement

  • By: Patrick “Shea” Callahan, Esq.
  • Published: June 10, 2024

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Many prisons offer some of the harshest living conditions we know of. Some locations have out-of-date systems that make it torturous to live in. From inadequate plumbing leading to backed-up sewage systems to a lack of nutritional food, prisons have had to deal with an uptick in inmate lawsuits.

Tennessee’s Bradley County jail inmates experienced such bad medical treatment that several inmates filed a class action lawsuit. This lawsuit was initiated by Darrell Eden, a former inmate who had suffered injuries during a pre-arrest car accident.

Instead of tending to Eden’s injuries, the lawsuit explains the jail did the bare minimum. The lawsuit goes so far as to claim that the treatment given to Eden was “below the constitutional minimum.”

Several other inmates joined the complaint, and a class action lawsuit was certified by Tennessee in July of 2021. A settlement was reached on June 28, 2023, with payouts to inmates totaling $2,130,613.57. It is important to understand how a class-action lawsuit in cases like these can benefit the larger population.

Callahan & Binkley, PLC. has years of experience representing clients in medical care lawsuits. Our team of lawyers offers comprehensive guidance along with settlement services that suit you best.

What Is A Class-Action Lawsuit?

Cookeville, TN, is one of many states that allows the recognition of some cases to be collectively decided in what are called class-action lawsuits. These kinds of lawsuits typically revolve around one central element that is believed to be the cause of several different plaintiffs’ ailments.

In the Bradley County jail medical care lawsuit, there were enough plaintiffs with strong evidence individually to build a case of medical negligence and mistreatment. These cases collectively offer a better chance of reconciliation as each case strengthens the overall claim.

Is Every Medical Care Lawsuit A Class-Action Lawsuit?

While not every medical care lawsuit is a class-action lawsuit, there are cases where it is the better option. Any time there are strong commonalities between separate incidents, consideration of filing a class-action lawsuit should be explored.

A medical care lawsuit specifically seeks to link medical care received or withheld directly to a harmful affliction, ailment or illness. Because serious injury and even wrongful death are outcomes of these situations, medical care lawsuits fall under personal injury cases.

Often, pursuing related medical care lawsuits as a class-action lawsuit can increase the odds of recouping damages, though this isn’t always the case. Your medical malpractice attorney assists in determining what avenue is best for you.

What Can A Medical Settlement Attorney Do For My Case?

An experienced medical settlement attorney provides the pros and cons of what is ahead in your fight for justice. Our firm walks with you through the entire process. Our approach is direct and transparent.

If you have experienced medical malpractice, the next step is to contact a medical malpractice attorney. Callahan & Binkley, PLC. assesses each case carefully so that we can offer customized solutions. We’ll begin with the most accurate evaluation of your situation so that we can pinpoint your case’s strengths and weaknesses.

What Other Settlement Services Can My Medical Malpractice Attorney Offer?

Settlement services are categorized as such because they encompass all of the administrative services involved in the settlement process. Typically, these kinds of services are prevalent in a class-action lawsuit.

A medical settlement attorney is crucial from your case’s beginning to the end. Your attorney helps to conclude the case once it has been decided. With a class-action lawsuit, the Settlement involves more than one client, and often more than one attorney. With multiple people involved, things can get complicated.

Settlement services ensure that all of the fees and settlement amounts are accounted for as well as the initiating and planning of the disbursement of payments are carried out. Our firm can assist in the process when handling your medical care lawsuit.

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