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What Are The Most Common Errors You See That Lead To These Medical Malpractice Claims Or Lawsuits?

What You Need To Know About Medical Malpractice In Tennessee?The most common errors that lead to medical malpractice claims or lawsuits are:

  • Failure to diagnose a patient properly
  • Surgical errors
  • Childbirth-related injuries
  • Prenatal care-related injuries
  • And more…

What Are The Most Common Types Of Injuries People Suffer In Medical Malpractice Cases?

The most severe type of serious injury is wrongful death. This type results from negligence by the doctor or medical staff that caused a preventable death in a patient.

In a previous case, a client was seeking compensation for wrongful death because the doctor stuck a cannula (a thin tube that administers fluids) through the patient’s gallbladder. The doctor clipped the pancreas, which caused severe complex injuries. This error resulted in several expensive surgeries, prolonged hospital stays, loss of bodily function, and extensive medical bills.

My Background In The Nursing Field Helps Me Assist Clients Who Need To File A Medical Malpractice Claim In Tennessee

Having experience in the medical field, I know what to look for on a client’s medical records. This insider knowledge lets me determine the crucial factors that could result in a favorable outcome for the case. Some of the significant things that I look for are:

  • How the patient was treated
  • Lab tests that were conducted
  • What types of diagnostic imaging tools were used

As a former nurse, I understand how hospitals are run and will have to spend less time looking up medical terms. This knowledge will allow more time to be focused on my clients and ensure they receive adequate compensation for their injuries or pain & suffering.

Many lawyers without a medical background bring in a legal nurse consultant. Tennessee requires that there is expert testimony to prove the validity of your claims. The consultant will have to testify to the following questions:

  • What is the standard of care?
  • Did the doctor deviate from the standard of care?
  • How did the negligent error cause the person’s injury or death?

A law firm without my experience as a nurse would have to hire this consultant, which is time-consuming and expensive. That means it takes longer for the case to be resolved and those costs passed onto you. With us, you will not have to deal with those extra stipulations.

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