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Medical Malpractice Cases Are Difficult. We Rise Up To The Challenge.

Medical malpractice cases usually occur when a medical professional, be it a doctor, nurse, or a medical assistant, causes a serious personal injury or wrongful death due to negligence. In these situations, victims and their loved ones are entitled to seek compensation from the practitioners, as well as from the hospitals and institutions where they work.

Due to changes in the law and regulations, it has become increasingly difficult to pursue medical malpractice cases in Tennessee. At Callahan & Binkley, however, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to pursue medical malpractice cases to their conclusions. We fight diligently so that our clients receive the maximum compensation they may be entitled to. Having helped individuals around Cookeville recover millions of dollars in damages, we know what it takes to pursue such a case successfully.

Help When You’ve Been Wronged

Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to help clients who have suffered due to medical malpractice. In addition to our experience as litigators, our firm proudly boasts our experience in the medical field. Attorney Shea Callahan has worked with and supervised some 12,000 surgeries prior to becoming a lawyer. We know what to look for. We know how to fight on your behalf.

As part of our practice, we have recovered significant compensation in cases involving:

  • Failure to timely diagnose and treat
  • Surgical errors, including laparoscopic surgery injury, including injuries to the bile duct
  • Birth complications
  • Radiology errors, such as failure to diagnose because of a miscommunication or misreading

We have proved the existence of surgical and other medical errors. We have fought against Tennessee’s damage caps of $750,000. In every case we have undertaken, we have put our clients first and devised detailed plans and legal strategies. We fight on your behalf.

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If you or a family member has suffered an injury as a result of a medical professional’s error, call us at (931) 322-5055 or use the contact form. We’ll work so that you get the restitution you may be entitled to.

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