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Fighting For Compensation After A Serious Car Accident

In Tennessee, owning a vehicle is a necessity. However, this also means that auto accidents occur often in our state, particularly around busy roadways like Interstate 40. Most of the time, car crashes result in only minor injuries and easily repairable damage. However, when a serious accident occurs due to another’s negligence, you may find yourself without the proper financial means to cover a difficult recovery, as well as damages to your vehicle and property.

In these situations, it’s up to an experienced attorney to help you create a strong legal strategy and fight for your compensation. At Callahan & Binkley, we have represented clients throughout Cookeville and the surrounding areas after a serious injury. Our lawyers have recovered compensation ranging in millions of dollars as a result of both jury verdicts and aggressively pursued settlements. Working in tandem with our clients, we give your case the personal attention and tenacious representation it deserves.

An Aggressive Pursuit Of Personal Injury Claims

We have represented clients in a variety of auto wreck cases, including:

  • Serious car crashes
  • Tractor-trailer crashes, including 18-wheeler, semitrailer truck and commercial truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Accidents on modes of public transportation
  • Accidents involving pedestrians

We recognize how devastating an auto collision can be. At our firm, we have represented clients and their family members who are seeking restitution due to a serious accident which resulted in traumatic, life-changing injuries and even wrongful death.

As litigators, our strategy is to always push aggressively, so that our clients have the opportunity to recover the maximum compensation they may be entitled to. We are not rattled by large insurance companies or corporate lawyers. Our case history demonstrates that we repeatedly stand up for our clients, undertake every measure to reach their goals.

We Represent Clients On A Contingency Fee Basis

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